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As a specialised selection and headhunting agency in the healthcare sector, Chelona understands better than anyone the challenges currently facing healthcare institutions in terms of human resources management. With our international network of healthcare professionals and partners, we strive for long-term relationships and quality placements. 

Every organisation is unique and so is every employee. Therefore, we attach great importance to building a long-term relationship so that we can carefully assess whether an employee fits within your organisation's culture and is suitable for the assignment. Our personal approach and thorough screening ensure the ideal match based on skills, experience, personality and fit with the organisational culture. 

At Chelona, we believe that recruitment is not just about finding candidates, but about making the right match. We understand the specific needs of the healthcare sector and use our knowledge and experience to create the perfect match between employers and candidates. With Chelona, you don't just find a candidate, but the right person who is a perfect match for your organisation and vacancy.

How does the collaboration with Chelona work?

We aim to make your search for the ideal healthcare professional as efficient and successful as possible. But how does that work?

  1. Screening: a thorough screening is indispensable in finding the ideal match. We do this using CV, Linkedin profile and other relevant sources. After a telephone screening, candidates are personally invited for an introductory interview.

  2. Introduction interview: during an introduction interview, we try to get as clear a picture as possible of the needs and wishes of clients and candidates. We take the time to do this because the most important information is often in the details - and at Chelona, these certainly do not escape us.

  1. Meeting between candidate and employer: if we are convinced that there is a match between a candidate and a vacancy/healthcare institution, we organise a meeting. We make sure the candidate is well prepared and schedule a feedback meeting with both parties separately afterwards.

  2. Contract: if the match is successful and both parties are satisfied, we are ready to provide advice on drafting the contracts and other necessary documents. We ensure that everything is legally correct and transparent.

  3. Start-up and follow-up: even after concluding the employment contract, we remain available to assist you with advice and counsel.


Nathaley Vermeulen- SGR Group Curaçao 

Mijn ervaring met Chelona kan ik in de volgende woorden beschrijven: professioneel, communicatiefrijk, opvolgend en aandachtig.Een professioneel bedrijf met een eigenaar die communicatiefrijk is, opvolgend in de gang van zaken en gaat aandachtig aan de slag voor de opdrachtgevers.

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