We are looking for an experienced, motivated, and passionate radar signal processing expert, a FPGA specialist to be part of our development team for…
Manage the AP team, perform accounting and install new AP procedures to improve the current workflow. Think about process improvements related to the…
Onze klant behoort tot een referentiegroep op Martinique die bijna 300 bedden en MCO/SSR-plaatsen op Martinique beheert. Op een chirurgisch platform…

Ben jij een verpleegkundige met BBT in de spoed- & intensieve zorgen en op zoek naar een uitdagende baan binnen Nederland?

Tianjin, China
Mission: Our client allows airports to enhance the operation on the field by providing high level systems to control and monitor the airfield…


Chelona is a leading and dynamic Belgian recruitment firm, we started our operations in 2017. Our main focus is healthcare. We are committed to find talents on a national and international level.

Since its inauguration Chelona build a solid portfolio of national and international relations.

Chelona has a vast experience in international healthcare recruitment. The screening and selection team is build of professionals with expert qualifications in healthcare and psychology.

The team’s international experience means they understand and respect the business and local culture. They are consistently updated on local and international trends with regards recruitment which allows them to directly focus on the clients demand.

Chelona’s international visibility made them a key player when it comes to healthcare recruitment and a “go to” firm form many clients.

Chelona has the knowledge, experience, staff and reputation to be able to partner with world class healthcare facilities.

Let us be your next success story! 


Anya Kusse

Xanthippe was able to provide us with top candidates in a short period of time. Thanks to a good intake interview we were able to create a good…

Inge Vandekerkhof

Xanthippe has been a huge help during my search for a new job. She has never pushed me in any particular direction but instead she empowered  me…

Suleyman Aydogan

The approach of Xanthippe is very different from other agencies, she will actively search for top candidates and will not sit waiting on the…

Anya Kusse

Xanthippe heeft op enkele maanden tijd al verschillende kandidaten succesvol kunnen voorstellen bij ons bedrijf. Dankzij een uitgebreid…

Suleyman Aydogan

Wat Xanthippe onderscheid van haar concurrenten is dat ze actief op zoek gaat naar kandidaten na het publiceren van de vacature en ze gebruikt…