Win - win!

The approach of Xanthippe is very different from other agencies, she will actively search for top candidates and will not sit waiting on the reactions via the jobposts, she has an high quality candidates database that of course needs to be fed in order to help her customers. She is in a no nonsense and to the point way very involved with the company and you can really feel that quality of matching an absolute must is for her. We hope to be able to  work with Chelona for a long period, because they don’t only add value to our company but they also never even try to “sell” us candidates. The success of the collaboration between all partners is that Chelona offers more that you can expect, too much for the fee that they ask. When I compare my collaboration with Chelona against my past experiences with other agencies, I then can just state that the Chelona’s way is very refreshing, we really work together for the success of our company.

Suleyman Aydogan
Suleyman Aydogan